One Year of Forever

Today marks the one year since the official opening of the BoxxyForever website!

Though it has not been the best of years for the Boxxy fan community, we are glad to still be of service for those who visit.
In the time we have existed as a site, there has been a distinct shift: the fan community is no longer Boxxy-centric. This has been a long time coming, and here at BoxxyForever there were even some tentative plans to rebrand ourselves. In the end we decided to keep the name because even though Boxxy is not the main focus anymore, she was still the reason most of us are here.

There’s definitely been some fond memories over the last twelve months, and hopefully the next 12 will bring even more good times.

Thanks again for your continued support, and have a happy Halloween!

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BoxxyForever Live Chat

The first piece of new news: If you go the BoxxyForever chan, you might notice the new TC board.

Jezza has integrated a TinyChat directly into the board for easy access and use. Check it out! Click on ‘lurk’ and ‘load’ near the top left of the page to try it.


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The Future of BoxxyForever

Times have changed, and the team here at BoxxyForever feel it’s time to officially recognize that.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you INTREPID LOVES EVERYONE.

The new logo!

Intrepid Loves Everyone, or ILE, is the new name and focus for this site. ILE will become the best website the world has ever seen. Our banner will be a large picture of Intrepid. All members will be required to have posters of Intrepid on their walls, and send him encouraging hallmark cards every week.
It will be great.

We hope you are as excited as we are for the next chapter of our community. Bookmark ‘’, and we’ll see you there soon!

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Numerous sites across the internet are partially or totally blacking themselves out to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act today. While we here at BoxxyForever will not be partaking in such a demonstration, we strongly encourage you to read up on these two acts, as well as contact your local elected official (if you’re a resident of the United States of America*) and let them know how harmful these potential laws are. Emailing is good, real mail is better, and direct phone calls are great. Check around the web to find different ways to help the cause.

*Even if you’re not a citizen of the US, you can still make a statement. Every voice counts!

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Boxxy Fix #2: Boxxy Page!

Example of an upper boob remix

You may or may not have heard of, moot’s new website. Whether you’re for or against it, the Boxxy Page is surely relevant to your interests. It currently has about 70 followers and only 50 or so remixes. Let’s get those numbers up! Post your OC. Make it funny and relevant of course. While you’re at it check out the rest of

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One year ago today…

This is the image posted by Catie at the start of her thread on the day she returned.

In the Boxxy community, November eighteenth stands out as one of the year’s most significant dates. On this day in 2010, Catie Wayne finally returned to her internet fanbase after nearly two years of exile. She began the process of getting to know her fans – turning many into friends along the way – and eventually began to sell autographs and various pieces of memorabilia. For a while, it seemed that everything had turned out perfectly.

But, as with all good things, corruption was inevitable. More and more fans began to question Catie’s motives for returning, and many expressed doubts about her honesty. Eventually, a number of previously faithful fans threw in with the haters they once called their enemies. At least one sorry soul even attempted to do Catie harm, emulating tactics originally used by the infamous CBCR so long ago. And yet, for all the setbacks she suffered along the way, Catie managed an equal number of victories. In early summer, we saw the return of our beloved Boxxy, as hyperactive and charming as ever. Then, mere weeks later, the boxxybabee Youtube account was at last returned to its rightful owner.  On top of it all, she opened her own official fansite, which continues to provide a home for Boxxy fans the world over.

Today, as this “era” of the Boxxy phenomenon enters its second year, there are still many questions that remain unanswered. Are we still going to get to hear Catie sing? Will the fabled Mooninites t-shirt make a reappearance? Is Boxxycon EVER going to be a reality?! Well, wherever it is that we go from here, at least one thing is certain: if the future is anything like the past, then we’re in for one hell of a ride.


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In the face of tragedy

In the face of tragedy, a community’s strength to move forward is tested.  Some will flounder while others use the experience as a common ‘ground’ to stand upon, united.  The Boxxysphere, or “the Sphere” as it is more commonly called, is one such community that can be defined by the characteristics of the latter.  It is a community that has seen many a tragedy and many situations that would, understandably,  turn its members away.  However, it is also a community with caring members; members that are here for each other and will help when asked.

“We, the community, have been through the good, likewise, we have been through the bad; but the important thing is that we went through the good and the bad TOGETHER. Yes, there may be differing ideas, however, it is those differing ideas that push us forwards.”

It is strongly encouraged that you not lose sight of the whole when presented with the distractions of a few.


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Welcome to BoxxyForever! A site dedicated to letting fans like yourself interact with each other while spreading the never ceasing love of Boxxy. As you make your way into our humble abode, feel free to explore the various corners of our site which is tirelessly supported by our hardworking staff in order to provide a safe, fun place for fans to enjoy.

What you see here is our homepage. It is the center of BoxxyForever and serves as an information hub connecting various elements of the Sphere. In addition to this main page, we also have a chan and forum, as well as links directly leading to other popular fan sites such as Unichan and

Our chan, administrated by Jezza, has two boards: a /sphere/ board that deals with the current happenings in the Boxxysphere and a miscellaneous board, aptly named /misc/; it’s a place where fans can hang out with each other, taking a break from the occasional hiccup that rolls by. Alex and Scott are Site Admins. They can be primarily found on the forum, which boasts separate areas dedicated to either the Boxxysphere or General Discussion.  There is even an assortment of rankings with a mixed bag of various references that can range from Portal to Catcher in the Rye.  A board dedicated to Site Discussion is also present, where announcements regarding the site are posted and where users can discuss any problems regarding the use of the site; suggestions are also welcome.

We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!


The BoxxyForever Staff



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Boxxy Fix #1: Boxxy Remix Compilation

Got an itch for boxxy remixes? Scratch it with this playlist.

Tell us:
Which was your favorite?
Do you want more lists like these?

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Applications for Moderator or Janitor Position

If you would like to become either a moderator or a janitor for the chan, email us at with a bit about yourself and your experience. The official picks will be done closer to the October 31st opening. Thanks!

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